Writing Task 8

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What is the one thing that would make you happy right now?  Why?.

There is no word amount goal. We will bring that later when we have done this for a few weeks. For now you are just getting into the swing of it.

We REALLY hope you will share what you put with us here, in the comments. We would love to read it.

Have fun 🙂

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Kathy K. McClellan

The one thing that would make me happy right now is to be independently wealthy. Now look….I know that sounds very shallow. But that would make me happy not only because I could afford to get what I need and want but I would also be able to help more people in more ways than I can now. What I want and think I need is to live in a year round temperate climate. The older I get the more painful it becomes to be cold all the time. Shivering results in back pain as well as joint pain. It… Read more »