Writing Task 10

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a story about one of your ancestors. Real or made up.

There is no word amount goal. We will bring that later when we have done this for a few weeks. For now you are just getting into the swing of it.

We REALLY hope you will share what you put with us here, in the comments. We would love to read it.

Have fun 🙂

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Kathy K. McClellan

Real: My grandfather passed away when I was a small child. But his children and my grandmother adored him and talked about him to us to make sure we knew what a special person he was. Born and raised on the island of Crete he came to America with his brother when he was a young man. He found work in the food service industry and then joined the US Army during WWI. He was wounded, captured and spent time in a prisoner of war camp. He never really healed completely from his wounds but he never let that stop… Read more »