Writing Skills 7

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you win a million….what do you do?.

There is no word amount goal. We will bring that later when we have done this for a few weeks. For now you are just getting into the swing of it.

We REALLY hope you will share what you put with us here, in the comments. We would love to read it.

Have fun 🙂

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Isabella F A Shores

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I live in Manchester, UK and try to promote other artists and writers when I can.I'm so pleased you found our community and I hope to chat to you soon!!Please comment on my posts if you like them 🙂
Isabella F A Shores
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After paying 40% to the US government, I’d invest more, maybe buy some toys, and camera equipment give some away to deserving folks and pretty much live as I do now but with more traveling 🙂

Kathy K. McClellan

If you live in the United States and win one of those lotteries the very first thing you do is sign the back of the ticket! 🙂

Ludwig Keck

A million? Who can live on a million? Why, as soon as the word gets out, I would have more friends than dollars! Sharing with friends is out of the question. I get enough sob stories as it is, and would have to hire a “mail reader” just to keep up. “Good causes”? That lesson I learned a long time ago. Send a contribution and you get enough solicitation mail to keep the fireplace place burning year round. Travel is getting harder on my old bones. The comfort of home is more inviting than the travails of far off adventures.… Read more »