Writing Tasks Backdated for Authors With A Writing Block

written and updated by Kathy K

We are in the process of updating this so please come back for more

So, you love to write but sometimes come up against a brick wall? Over the past year I have been creating tasks for our readers and have decided to lay them all out on one page for you.

There should be something here to break through the block 🙂  Here are some of the backdated tasks you may have missed on the original site


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  1. you have to pay it forward
  2. A small sunflower looks up at the sky
  3. You find a lost wallet
  4. The cafe was full
  5. Describing a pet
  6. My dream home
  7. A playground
  8. The building imploded
  9. A Neon Sign
  10. It’s your birthday
  11. People were screaming
  12. Father
  13. Daily Devotions
  14. Perfume
  15. The Leather Jacket
  16. A Popsickle
  17. The Highlighter

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