Why I don’t buy visits

Buying visitors is not going to help you apart from inflating a visitor count. It won’t help you in searches, it won’t help you in sales. It will cost you in bandwidth used with no payback.

There is only one way of getting traffic that will make you money instead of charging you money. That is, there is only one way of making money using this system.

To make money buying visitors you need to purchase high end visitors. To do this does not come cheap but the way it works is, the seller is normally successful themselves and then sells you ads using tried and trusted methods. All the proper visitor systems are doing is placing ads in places they know will contain the people who will want what you are selling. That’s all the proper visitor selling sites are doing and to get these links back to your site it is not cheap but it may be worth it.

What I see often is an affiliate of another site selling the publishers promise to give you visitors..not buying visitors especially sent so worth the bandwidth and purchase price money (normally in the country the site purchasing visitors is in) but just visitors who may well be clickers who are paid a pittance to just click and who can’t afford and have no interest in what you are selling.

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Not only that but some of you may use Google Ads to advertise, or as a publisher. They may well throw you off the programme for inflated fake visits. Another thing it can do is place your link on bad sites to get the click throughs. Google would then penalise you, sometimes removing you altogether.

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I would never use a click farm and I would be exceptionally wary of having my site associated with any site promising hundreds and thousands of visitors without some proof of

A: the visitors are being brought from areas who want my type of product with good links and posts.
B: testimonies from sites that have not been penalised and have still got GA working..

“It’s advertising” I hear you cry…..

I disagree. If I buy ads I choose what type of people etc I wish to sell to and promote to those. If I go out advertising, I choose wisely where, and to whom.

Every time I advertise it costs me money and IF you are a businessperson, that money is clearly labelled as advertising budget and spent wisely.

If, for instance, I have a motorbike business, I place leaflets in magazines and newspapers like Autotrader, Bike Weekly, Motorsport, Classic Racer, Back Street Heroes (my fav). I do not add them into the Beano, Lady’s Own etc as, although there may well be bike lovers reading those, it’s not probable.

Each leaflet costs me money. Each delivery of that paper/mag costs me money. Therefore, if wise, I spend only on where I know bike lovers are definitely.

Online if I purchase affiliates, (pay for them to advertise my work) I, again, only choose affiliate sites that will be read by people interested in purchasing bikes, or bike parts. I wouldn’t pay to add them to an art site as that’s a slim chance, not a high chance, of a sale.

So, what I’m getting at is, I am not going to pay any of my advertising budget to anyone who is offering visits only. In no way is that helping me and, whatever you say, it could in the long run, hurt.

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They are not promising that buyers are visiting. They are not promising that anyone in reality is visiting. They are promising visits. Meaningless and not coming out of anyone’s advertising budget in reality.

The ones that work better are bloggers. Pay someone to place your article, or advert, on their site that is already tailored for the people you are trying to attract. You can even get people to write for you. Or create videos. That, me personally, is a far better spending of my budget.

Do you buy or sell visits?
Do you use these promise sites? Do you own one of them and want to let us in on the truth how they work? Contact me!
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