Linktree Helps Your Instagram Marketing


It is so frustrating when you can only have one live link on Instagram and that is in your bio. But not any more thanks to a great little system called Linktree.

Linktree Helps Your Instagram Marketing

The Problem

On Instagram you cannot have clickable links in your post. There is just one place for a clickable link and that is in your profile bio. The problem is which link do you pick to put there? It is so frustrating to post a new blog post or a new piece of art for sale and not be able to put a clickable link with the actual post. Yes you can put the URL but that relies on people to copy and paste the link.

The Solution

Linktree provides a great solution. It gives you a unique URL that you can put in your bio. That URL leads to a drop down menu of clickable links that you can organise to suit you. Sounds good? Well that is because it is.

What Does The Linktree Free Version Offer?

What the Linktree Admin Settings Page looks like

The free version provides you with unlimited links in your ‘tree’, click tracking for each link and a selection of themes so you can customise how things look.


This image shows you the appearance themes on the left and how it appears on a mobile device on the right.

What my Linktree looks like from a laptop

I was delighted to be able to select colours for my links that match my own art website. You get more of an idea of that from this image. But you can also click on my Linktree URL and have a look at how it works from the customer perspective when they click on the link from Instagram.

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Adding Links To Your Linktree

Linktree Links Page

Adding links could not be any easier. Just type in the title of the link (which you can amend at any time) and put in the URL for it. A link can be turned on or off. You can also change the order of the links so that if something is more topical, or you are pushing a particular campaign leading to a particular website you can put that at the top.


What is really helpful is that on the right hand side, as you can see in the screenshot, you can see how it is all going to look to the public. That means you can adjust it until you are happy with it.

To the left hand side of each link is a black area with three dots. You can use that to move the link up or down in the tree as you wish. So, for example, I am currently engaged in a special promotion on my art prints so that link has been moved to the top and the title customised. As another example, I introduced a new Classic Car and Motorcycle Collection to my online gallery and as I was promoting that heavily over a few days that had a turn at the top of the list.

Information and Complete Control

There are three symbols with each link, a clock (only available with the Pro version, see below), a graph which gives you how many times that link has been clicked and a bin so that you can delete the link if necessary.

What Does the Linktree Pro Version Offer?

Linktree Pro costs $6 per month and has some great features. As well as a day by day breakdown of traffic to your links it allows team access to manage the Linktree. It offers more choice in customisation and style and you can change the title of the Linktree URL. Probably one of the most useful features, however, is the ability to schedule links to go live in line with scheduled posts.

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The Verdict

I have been using the Linktree free version for several months now and I love it. It is easy to use, takes the headache out of the ‘non-clickable link’ issue on Instagram and you can see how many times each link is clicked. I can really recommend it!

You can read more about my work at my art website.

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Looks very interesting to me! BUt I have been using ContactIn.Bio for a long time and happy with it

Jeffery Johnson

Thanks for this tip. I will look at as right now I have a page set up on my site that I link too and then I add information on that page about what ever it was I posted on IG and then have a link to that image or what ever.