Google Adds Rights Usage to Image Search

Good news and worrying news from Google for all people wanting to take images for re-use

On Google Image search now you will see an added option under the search tools called ‘usage rights’.

We have had this option for quite a while now under Advanced search but now it is right at the top for us to find with more ease.

That is the good news. The worrying news, for me, is that people already take images thinking that if they are on Google they are free for all. Although it is great that they can now see a filter to get images allowable, they may not actually be legal. We, as artist, know full well that we can find our work anywhere for free or with different rights added.

Now more people will see them on Google and have Google tell them they are legally usable.

Still, to be fair, this is definitely a step in the right direction and shows that Google are perhaps being a little more responsible in helping safeguard our usage rights.

Now we just need a way to make sure the original creators rights are the only ones on there.

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Jeffery Johnson

If I am not mistaken that has been there awhile as I have used it in the past when looking for images.

Steve J
Steve J

Maybe this is new on some other google domains? I have read that Google doesn’t always show the same search tools on all versions of their search. Like Google France or Google Canada (etc) might differ from Google US. Not just in the search results but how the actual site works. But the ability to filter on license has been there for around four years in the US at least. – this article is from 2014. As far as I’ve been able to tell, it mainly filters on some of the larger sites like Wikimedia. And even then if… Read more »