Facebook Lists and How To Use Them

Facebook is a wonderful tool for keeping up with friends, old and new, and family.  However, sometimes you do not want family to see you swearing, or talking about your night out with your ex…..

There is a way to stop them seeing and this is why I love FB who take your privacy far more seriously than some people give them credit for.

Facebook Lists and How To Use Them

You can use Facebook’s own lists, or create new ones with your own names and options.

My friends Becky and Phyllis have allowed me to use them as my guinea pigs so I am going to show you how I can switch them between lists, change their privacy using the lists and even set it so they only see what I put out publically.

Firstly you need to decide what lists people will be on.

I have a couple of extras but you get….


plus some extras

Log in and go to Friends, this is on your Home page down the left hand side.  Look for EXPLORE

Some lists are automatically made.  Like it will automatically put your school…or workplace sometimes.  I ignore those.

But you can also see a couple of other automatic ones, like RESTRICTED and the place you live

For the sake of this, we will create a new list.  On it I will place 2 people.  Becky and Phyllis

So, Create your new list using the link

Choose a name for your list…. Like Close Friends, or in my case for the purposes of this tutorial, Tutorials

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Then start typing those friends you want in it.  This is just to start, you can add and remove members at any time from their pages or by editing

Click Create

You will see your newly created list show at the top of your page and you can manage it there but it will not remain there once you move off that page

If you click Manage, this is what you would now see (with your friends there obviously)

Now to add people from their pages, you can do it like this

Put their name in search and click on the right person, or go to their profile from a post they made

See Friends on their cover image

Click the little arrow and click on Add to another list

Choose the new list and click

Now only share to that new list and only those on it will view what you are putting.

If you have made a mistake, just change the group you have shared to……..


I mentioned above, restricted friends.  These are people you wish to keep as friends but you do not want them to see everything you share with friends.  Add them to your restricted list and they will only see what you share with the public.  If you share nothing publically, they will just think you are very quiet 🙂


I hope this helps.  If you have any questions please ask below

If you would like tutorials on any other area of Facebook, just ask 🙂  If you would like to WRITE one yourself, register and contact me in the forum 🙂

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