Does social media work to sell art


You want a definitive answer here? I cannot give one.

It depends on the person.
It depends what you’re doing on the social media.
It depends the story you have to say.
It depends on your art.
It depends ….it depends…. it depends

Every single thing you do advertising-wise depends on the art, and on the people you are advertising to, and how you are doing it

So yes social media is absolutely fabulous for some people, rubbish for others. For some real life is the only thing that works, whilst for some real life doesn’t work at all

You just have to try it and see. Not for a day, a week, or even a month. You have to gain that proper following so it can take 2 years to build a brand (do not buy followers)

The only thing that is a definite yes throughout many top sellers is a blog, (short for web log…a diary of daily posts). Depressed or happy or businesslike. All blogs can gain good traction as people love to read about people going through things they may be going through… Or are looking for advice… Or just like to read daily news, living vicariously through another person.

No matter what you do, or write, it is the personal connection there that sells.

Happy? Tell people!
Have an event, sale, new work? Tell people!
Something happen out of the ordinary at the shop? Tell people!

No, writing about how depressed you are may not adhere yourself to a future boss, or even to readers…. But explaining what you are doing daily to combat it would.

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So your answer is… Try it.

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