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Laurie’s Intuitive

In the short time I have been a member of FAA, Laurie is one of this amazing family of artists that I most admire for several reasons. Her myriad works, in a wide range of media and style, are masterfully done. They reflect an empathetic energy that is hard to resist, recently garnering her an interview on SVTAGS TV! She has a gentle grace and genuine caring in her interactions here at FAA and with others. Retired now, during her career as an RN she incorporated art wherever she could, bringing its healing power to art groups she conducted for the patients. Fitting that she moderates the Healing Thread in The Artist BUZz group now. Awesome paintings, healing community spirit, I can think of no one I’d rather nominate to be the next recipient of The Tony Award!

Brook Garten

1. Brook is an amazing artist and she runs a heart-warming supporting FAA Women tough group.

2. Brooks is not only a great artist, but runs many great image threads and runs her group with so much passion and dedication. Always willing to offer advice and she get in touch if one needs advice.


Laurie Search

1. Laurie is kind and sweet, supportive of her fellow artists here and on SM. She is talented, her work sells, and she gives back to the community by way of her concern and caring for dogs who need a home. Making their plight known on Social Media. I think as an artist and a human being, she is pretty special.


Rich Franco

Rich is talented in photography, photo software manipulation and printing (he owned a printing company in his past). But he is also generous with his time and knowledge. I am aware of Rich helping more than one FAA member, as well as myself, by sharing his time, talent and wisdom.


Jaroslaw Blaminsky

He’s an amazing photographer. He lives in Poland but speaks perfect English. He does many different styles of photographic work but does it all wonderfully. He does still life, travel, landscape, animals, architecture etc., and the quality of his work is truly outstanding. He also does book covers so his work has appeared on books all over the world.


Fraida Gutovich

She is an exceptional photographer with a keen eye for as well as an adoration for nature and animals. She is above and beyond kind hearted, considerate and a wonderful family person. She is quick to jump in and help others without question. A very deserving woman.


Randy Rosenberger

I have known Mr. Rosenberger through involvement in the popular group which he hosts, “Wisconsin Flowers and Scenery” on Fine Art America. I deeply appreciate the God-given talents he uses to bless people and for his years of dedicated service to humanity. He is a retired teacher, having taught for 35 years, and is an avid gardener and award-winning photographer. Some of his beautiful gardening achievements are featured as spectacular images in his FAA galleries. Many artists including myself can attest to Mr. Rosenberger’s kind and detailed comments of support on their artworks, and the fact that he takes great pleasure in displaying the work of other artists in his amazing group on FAA, coming up with innovative ways to spotlight their work. I greatly appreciate that he has invested I’m sure countless hours hosting his group and contests as well as personally encouraging many artists. It is truly a great honor and pleasure to nominate Mr. Randy Rosenberger for the Tony Award ~ a very deserving artist and friend to many.


Pat Purdy

Pat is committed to the arts as well as the betterment of humans and animals. She is a beautiful person inside and out.