The First Tony Award

For those who are new to FAA, the Tony Award is passed from artist to artist, roughly on a monthly basis, as an honour for various qualities or contributions. The winning artist gets to choose the next recipient (always a REALLY tough job).

The Award Sculpture was created by our own Tony Murray. The sculpture is shipped forward, each winner engraves his or her name on the base, and on it goes to the next artist.

This thread is to list the past and present holder of this award..

Here is the complete list of the first Tony Award in the correct order. Each new recipient chooses the next Tony Award winner. Unfrotunately the ast winner here did not pass it on, and so the Tony Award was lost. However, Tony created a new statue and we continued this great tradition anew.

Linda Mungerson
Liz Tudor
Barbara Keith
Karin Best
Angel Ortiz
Charles Peck
Lorraine Roy
Kevin Callahan
Noredin Morgan
Todd Peterson
Carmen Hathaway
Michelle Spiziri
Cher Odum
Natalie Holland
Helena Nelson-Reed
DoAn Art
Joe Triano
Tate Hamilton
Joanne Hopper
Ken Powers
Marsha Elliott
Jim Phillips
Lynda Robinson
Margaret Stockdale
Jim Clements
Baard Martinussen
Bob Salo
Zeana Romanovna
Alfred Ng
Viet Tran
Abbie Shores
Darice Machel Mcguire
Harold Shull
Marlene Burns
Patrick Anthony Pierson
Roger Swezey
Gene Gregory
Diane Daigle
Richard Rizzo
Lynn Palmer
Christina Rollo
Nikki Marie Smith
Leah Saulnier
Charlie Spear
William B Hogan