The Second Tony Award For Artistic Merit

Tony Award – The First

Second Tony Award

Unfortunately the Tony award was not passed on to another artist and so Tony created a new statue two years ago, and Tony Award 2 was begun. This award is still travelling the world today and we have a new list of recipients.

The whole idea of this award is to recognize talented artists that stand out and to honour and support each other.

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Phyllis Beiser
Kathy McClellan
Michael Hoard
Susan Maxwell Schmidt
Ronald Walker
Mario Carta
Viva Anderson
Maria Hunt
Laurel Adams
Conni Schaftenaar
Steve Henderson
Lori Pittenger
Mona Edulesco
Jerry Bokowski
Chance Kafka
Peggy Collins
Val Arie
Janine Riley
Janice Drew
MM Anderson
Mary Bedy
Lisa Kaiser
Janet Marie
Jane Dahl
Dave Florek
Marvin Spates
Sharon Cummings
Lois Bryan
Mia DeLode
Dianne Cowen