I Karin Kelshall Best am a self taught artist. I did art in school and then never followed through. I started painting again when I was 50 years old . I was influenced by color. I have a love of all the color that surrounds our daily life I come from Trinidad in the Caribbean and grew up surrounded by the most vibrant colors of the West Indies. I am a realist, I paint what I see. My Work comes from my heart . I have the islands in my blood and can reproduce them on canvas. I also do a lot of commission work and have paintings all over England and Europe and Canada. I lived in England for 12 years and showed in galleries in London.I also lived in Ottawa Canada. . Here I did a lot of commissions for the various Embassies. I also lived in Florida USA. but have moved to Kennett Square PA… and recently to Turtle creek near Pittsburgh PA While living in Florida I submitted my paintings in many shows and won many awards among them a plaque awarded by the New York Times in Tampa for ‘ Excellence in Art for Women.’

Here I am retired and spend my days painting in my Pennsylvania

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Canvas Art
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Abbie (40)

Site owner and painter of awesome oils and watercolours. Manager + on large art site

Married to Robin another artist and sculptor. We live with two Shepweiler's, two demented budgies and 3 fish

Wannabe author and hardcase treehugger. All opinions are my own.

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