Paint Pouring?

dickblick.comWhen I first heard someone say they were really into paint pouring, I have to admit to feeling a little puzzled.  Why would people throw away perfectly good paint??  However they then showed me a couple of videos and I have to say it looks amazing fun and the results can be really beautiful.

Paint Pouring is normally done with acrylic paints and it is literally poured onto the canvas, or wood after being gently layered in a container.  I see that there are numerous ways now people are getting even funkier patterns, such as using a sieve.  Down below I am sharing a couple of videos which will help explain this better than my words.

Dick Blick do the supplies for this among others, so go and price it up.  Work out what it will cost and do not forget to factor that in if then selling your creations.  Do not forget to share them with us also!!!


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