Lack Of Communication? Sorta!

Sell Art OnlineFor someone who does the job I do, (Community Manager) and the fact I’m a writer, this may sound weird. I HATE communication, especially about my art. There is no pleasure in it at all. Guilt, pride, guilt, insecurity, worthlessness, pride, hope…..the gamut of emotions is wayyyyyy too much for my little brain to handle. So I don’t even try to communicate about, or in my work. I just…

However, I LOVE other people’s work and what it says to me. It speaks. Even a photo of a pea can speak. Evoking memories of having to whistle whilst shelling them, so Grandpa knew I wasn’t eating them. (I am still adept at whistling whilst eating them).

A sunset over a house reminds me of times spent homeless. Looking at other people’s lives through windows as I hastened on my way to a place of safety.

Sell Art Online

So I don’t communicate well with others, but their work says a lot to me.

Isabella F A Shores
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Isabella F A Shores

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Hello, my name is Isabella Shores.I'm a dog lover with two Alsatians.A bird lover...2 budgies, and an avid writer.

I live in Manchester, UK and try to promote other artists and writers when I can.I'm so pleased you found our community and I hope to chat to you soon!!Please comment on my posts if you like them 🙂
Isabella F A Shores
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