If ever in Cheshire, visit the Lavender Barn Tea Room

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Deep in the heart of a village in the north west of England, is a quaint tea room set back off the road up a cobbled drive.

The place is a slice of old England away from the hustle and bustle of modern living and close to two great places to visit.

Just down the road from the tea room (about 2 minutes away by car) is Dunham Massey Hall. Dunham Massey Hall belongs to the National Trust, and the hall, stables, and the carriage house of Dunham Massey are all Grade I listed buildings. The hall grounds feature a deer park, containing Fallow deer, which covers an area of 192.7 acres and features formal avenues, woodland and parkland. For a small price you may walk around the large hall and the formal gardens. It does cost to park your car there…The walk around the actual deer park is free and dogs are welcome in that area, on leads. There is a restaurant and a cafe and they also do probably the best ice creams in the area!

Opposite the tea room’s drive and up a short road, is an actual small brewery. Dunham Massey Brewing Company is a small family run craft brewery located on National Trust land. When the owner was toying with the idea of setting up a brewery, the National Trust suggested an old disused barn. Just down the road from the barn is Little Heath Farm, and one of the main waste products from brewing beer is spent grains. Ironically, spent grains are an ideal source of food for cattle. The second main waste product is spent hops, which is an ideal fertiliser. So it made perfect sense that the barn should be converted into a brewery, and Dunham Massey Brewing Company was born.

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If lucky enough to catch them in the process downstairs, you are able sometimes to taste test a beer, and walking upstairs you may purchase by the box, or bottle, some of the famous names of real ale they brew themselves. I HIGHLY recommend these beers 😉

Lavender Barn Tea Room is ideally suited for a stop between the two places.

Outside in the grounds you will often see young children grooming ponies at a Pony Party, catered for by the staff at the tea room.

There is an open barn outside especially catering to dogs…with comfortable wicker chairs, complete with warm blankets for their human counterparts to sit out with on those cooler days.

Inside is a small counter filled with all kinds of cakes, and a wonderful ambience created by very friendly staff and that crazy, eclectic mix of china they use for your teas. Nothing matches and that is absolutely part of the charm.

The place is very relaxed and well presented. The food is wonderful. My last lunch being a tuna sandwich, which was humumgous and served on a wooden platter with crisps in a cup and a lovely fresh salad. My tea was served in the obligatory mismatched pot, milk jug and cup, hot and VERY welcome.

The tea room also has some beauty products for sale that look homemade (like bath bombs and shampoo) and furniture in a back room.

I highly recommend the entire village for a stop off if you are ever in Cheshire and especially the Lavender Barn Tea Room.

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