Housework – Do you love it?

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I hate housework.  With an absolute vengeance!  If I did not have a BF that will happily go around the flat with a vacuum cleaner and wash up, nothing would get done until it was a necessity.  The fact he does this nude is just an added extra and NOTHING to do with the fact I do not do it!

Seriously though, I get very little time and my job is more involved and takes longer than his, so he let’s me get on with work whilst he cleans up.

Most people do not have that luxury though and I have devised a way to keep on top of it, when he is away, that I am going to share.

    1. Do not attempt to do everything in one day.  I have found that, firstly this is just tiring, and secondly it is incredibly boring by the third day.  Take each day to do one big job only and then take your weekends off.  (Every weekend)
    2. Wash up as you go.  There is nothing more demoralising than going to cook and having to wash up first.  It takes two seconds to rinse something off as soon as you have finished with it.
    3. Remember whilst doing the boring stuff that you can burn 128 calories per hour while washing dishes, 150 calories per hour while cooking, 150 calories per hour putting away your shopping and a full 165 calories per hour doing general housework
    4. Dust first.  Always work from the top to the bottom.  I’m one of the daft ones that kept doing floors first and then cleaning, before realising my floor was grubby again *sigh*
    5. Curtains in most homes only need cleaning at the start of every season…. So the first day of a season (if not a weekend day) take them down and get them back up again when washed.  Drying them hung, if not too heavy, saves on ironing time and makes the room smell awesome.  Don’t forget to give the hangings a quick clean before putting the curtains back up.
    6. Clean the bath and tiles after every shower and bath.  Your room will always look spotless even when things are laid around 😉
    7. Hanging wet clothes properly and always the right way out, will save a load of time on ironing.  Straighten before drying can mean you do not have to iron at all.
    8. Take 20 minutes.  If you haven’t cleaned up in 20 minutes, grab a coffee and we’ll see you on Facebook or Twitter 😉

    What are your tips?

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Kathy K. McClellan

I do not like housework. But I love a clean house. That is the one and only reason I do any of it.

Great tips in the article. I only have one to add:

Hire someone else to do it!