The day the internet died

Opening the laptop that day had been hard. I knew I’d a load of work to get through and a short time to do it. Oh sure, that was pretty much the story every day, but this day was even worse as I’d taken a day off the day before. Work tended to pile up when that happened.

So I closed my eyes and sighed as I turned on my old work horse.

Opening my browser I prepared for the onslaught of correspondence that greeted me daily, but instead there was a, ‘cannot connect to the server, please check your connection’

Strange, I thought, and glanced over at the router. Nothing. I restarted both…just in case.

‘cannot connect to the server, please check your connection’

What the…..

I pulled out cables, rebooted the router again, swore…..a lot.


Grabbing my phone I opened Facebook to tell everyone what was happening. ‘cannot connect to the server, please check your connection’

My heart lurched! I was alone! I ran to the window to see people….anyone. I felt so alone. I started to panic! Grabbing the telephone I started to ring my broadband provider realising, as I went to dial out, that all the details of my account….including their phone number was… in my emails.

I rummaged through all the drawers in my home trying to find anything that may help. Even the payment details were on the online banking app which was now offline.

Seriously panicking now I ran to my neighbours to ask them to check theirs. Not in. No neighbours anywhere in sight. What the……

Standing outside my gate, on the way in, I suddenly realised there were no sounds. Anywhere. No cars, no dogs barking, no children. No birds. Just the sound of my blood rushing in my ears. Slowly I re-entered my house. No fridge noise. No TV. I coughed nervously….no, I heard that.

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Hours later, still sitting at the window, watching for someone, anyone to come past, my phone pinged. I jumped and, heart in mouth, picked it up. BATTERY 1%

I laughed, sound raucous in the silence and watched as it died completely.

Written for Kathy’s writing skills TASK 31 You are working online and the internet goes out…..
Word count 371

Isabella F A Shores
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Kathy K. McClellan

Abbie, this is great! I could feel your panic as I read through this.

Ludwig Keck

“Invalid security token” – That is the message I get when trying to comment. Makes me feel just as lost and alone as you in your story. I keep trying … will I get through this time?

Ludwig Keck

I got through! I got through! There is an internet after all!