Art For Health

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase Art For Health?

  • art that supports healing of the body;
  • art that helps calm the mind;
  • art that could soothe a broken heart;
  • art that might inspire the soul;
  • art that helps create a peaceful, safe, harmonious, and hopeful atmosphere;
  • and so much more… healing art is vast. What does it mean to you?
Birds Over Horizon
Birds Over Horizon – Joel Bruce Wallach

When we explore health, we open a doorway to many fascinating possibilities, because health is part of practically everything in life. That is because wellness is more than just physical wellness.

We know that physical wellbeing is dependent upon emotional and mental wellbeing. So that tells us that when we’re considering how art affects us, we’re exploring how art is activating our body, emotions, mind, and even our soul. We’re discovering how art shifts the atmosphere in our environment, but at a subtle level that goes beyond decoration, design, style, and aesthetics.

That means that we are transcending a typical understanding that art is primarily a Visual or Aesthetic experience. We might find that art, although seen through the eyes, may well be affecting much more than what we see. This offers us exiting possibilities, because if art is activating us at so many levels, then we can explore how it affects us. We can discover ways to utilize art’s capacity to heal ourselves, and to benefit our audience in many ways.

As an artist, you might have experienced that the creative process, and the actual work of creating the art, is itself therapeutic. Perhaps you’ve noticed that bringing your attention to your creative process can focus the mind, calm the emotions, stabilize the body, and ideally be an opportunity for you to participate in a state of Flow. We will be exploring ways that you can access these therapeutic states in your artistic process.

What might happen when people view art created with healing intent? Art For Health can help generate healthy effects, feelings, thoughts, and even vibrations or energies. When you realize this potent power of art, then you approach your art with a deeper sense of respect, because you have the potential to create art that makes a difference, and you realize that your work can help to create a healthier world. These are heady concepts, but worth considering for something as potentially transformational as Art For Health.

Art For Health can also refer more specifically to art displayed in a healing environment, such as a hospital, or in the treatment rooms of a health practitioner or counselor. The need in such environments for calmness, peace, beauty, harmony, inspiration, and hope, calls for healing art.

It’s time to explore Art For Health, because anything that brings wellness is very much needed in our world, whether for our own benefit, or to uplift and help heal a planet that is challenged in so many ways. We’ll be exploring all these elements of Art For Health in upcoming articles, so that you can receive more healing from your artistic process, and so that you can make a contribution to healing in the world.

You may wonder about the possibility that your art may already have some of these healing elements living within it. It likely does, because healing art is a broad spectrum that actually embraces many styles and intentions, so some of your works may already be within the realm of healing art. As we explore the range of what healing art can be, you’ll find your own creative world expanded and enriched, because the healing works both ways: It flows to the viewers of your work, and flows back to you.

A warm welcome to the category Art For Health!

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Dorothy Berry-Lound

A great introduction to Art for Health


Nice article, well written and some great points. Thanks for sharing