….and so it begins

Hello and welcome to the site Our Arts Magazine.  Who or what are we?  Well, it is all in the name really.

This is a brand new magazine for people in the arts.  You have caught us right at the beginning….the new, fresh, opening.  I do not have backers, etc, so no setting up a ton of stuff ready for a big opening nor I do not have the patience to be one of those, ‘..collect emails of people who may be interested whilst we decide what to do first..’ type people 🙂

Also the clue is as I said, in the name.  It is OUR arts magazine.  It is what we make it.  So this first post on the brand new site is a request.  A request for people to come on board.  A request for YOU to say what you would like to see here.

My hope is a bustling site FULL of news.  Some contests…freebies.  Guest bloggers to come on and share their stories.  A Dear Abbie type page (but here she is called Fran and is very rude… sorry about that, I did ask her not to be but……)

So, what do YOU expect from a site like this?  How do you view its growth?

Don’t be shy… from the smallest acorns mighty trees grow.  Not that I am calling you an acorn or anything…. but…. um… ok off track again….

Welcome to Our Arts Magazine.  Enjoy the ride xx

Isabella (call me Abbie) Shores

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Isabella F A Shores

Founder / Artist at YoursByShores
Hello, my name is Isabella Shores.I'm a dog lover with two Alsatians.A bird lover...2 budgies, and an avid writer.

I live in Manchester, UK and try to promote other artists and writers when I can.I'm so pleased you found our community and I hope to chat to you soon!!Please comment on my posts if you like them 🙂
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Kathy K. McClellan

LOVE the look, especially the OAM!

David Bridburg

Best of luck with this great new venture.


Dave Bridburg
Avon, CT


Nice look and feel. Congrats!


What I look for from the site.
To connect with other artists out side of my comfort zone
Connect with other artist in my comfort zone 😉
To learn and to teach
To explore other forms of art I don’t even know about yet!

Carmen Hathaway

Congrats on your new venture, Abbie — I look forward to participating!

Ed Meredith

Sweet! … Good looking site Abbie… Break-a-Leg


Omg, can’t wait to meet ‘Fran’…site looks wonderful.

Carmen Hathaway

Sent, and you’ve placed it pronto… we look great together side by side in the adverts, top sidebar ;). Thanks, Abbie!


Sending best of wishes on your fabulous and exciting venture!!!!! So looking forward to watching what happens next!!!!