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Thank you for your interest in an ‘Our Arts Magazine’ Membership!

Our Arts Magazine is open to select participants from the arts community.  At present the membership is at a peak level

However, we are still accepting applications for our waiting list (see below).

The Forum is a new community to connect and learn.  With contests being planned and actual real time events through apps like Meetup and Eventbrite being put in place, we need to know our members are committed to taking part and, in some cases, taking action helping others, and bringing change.

You may also have a totally free blog to use as your own.  With themes and plugins to help you sell your work.

For all of this we do charge an annual payment to cover hosting of that site of £8 per year.

We look forward to connecting and welcome your participation in the future!

If you would like to submit your name for the waiting list, please complete the following form:

Please note your details are being used for membership purposes and are not passed to ANY third party from this sign up.

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