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Hay Bales
Published 6/20/2024 in Kathy From KeppenArt
I had the opportunity this week to photograph a hay field next to our apartment complex.  I missed photographing the cutting and actual baling process but took many photos of the field while the large round bales sat in that sunny field waiting to be loaded up on a flatbed trailer. Hay is herbaceous plants, mostly grasses that have been cut, dried and stored for use as animal feed. more ❯

Deibert Park
Published 6/13/2024 in Kathy From KeppenArt
Today’s blog post will highlight Diebert Park in Florence, Alabama (USA). The featured image showing one of several ponds was taken at the park several years ago. Deibert Park in Florence, Alabama has a rich history. The land was originally part of an antebellum plantation owned by Judge Sidney Cherry Posey. His heirs sold his farm in 1875 to Charles Posey who had worked the fields as more ❯

Cherries In A Bowl
Published 6/6/2024 in Kathy From KeppenArt
  We love cherries.  Unlike strawberries and grapes that we can buy year round cherries are only available during our late spring/early summer season. When I see them in the grocery store I buy them and pit them, then freeze most of them. We eat some of them fresh and eat the frozen ones off and on during the rest of the year after cooking them down to put on pancakes. I more ❯

Cicada Cafe
Published 5/30/2024 in Kathy From KeppenArt
This week’s blog entry will conclude posts of this year’s Periodical Cicada emergence.  As I wrote in the past two blog entries, here in Florence, Alabama (USA) we experienced the emergence of the Brood XIX which emerges from their underground home every 13 years. During the height of this occurrence one could witness multiple cicadas hanging onto the same tree trunks and more ❯


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