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I do not have a favorite color…..why choose one when you can have them all.

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What’s your background?

I am a former horse trainer and consumer electronics technician.

I formerly trained employees of banks or realtors on how to use credit terminals.  Then I became a self-made pc board level repair technician. In my most recent years, retirement, I have blogged, created art and built websites.

I am a descendant of King Charlamagne’s daughter, King Alfred the Great’s wife and Rolo the Viking through Thomas Trowbridge a migrant who fought in the English civil war which Parliamentary Army won in the UK area. My grandmother was Margaret Windsor from Ireland, her father Henry Windsor a shipbuilder from England but they are possibly not the current monarchy who took the Windsor Castle name. I just found out recently my roots are in the UK.

I also share lineage with Susan B Anthony, Gloria Vanderbilt, Ernest Hemingway, and many other successful peoples like 19th President, Rutherford B Hayes in America, as well as a large number of noble and famous people which I found out about after doing my DNA testing.

When I travel in America, people often asked me where I’m from, I always reply, “I’m from Earth.” The most wonderful place in the known universe.

Does your artwork come from that background?

Yes, I have been painting since I was a child. I have attended art class annually throughout my academic year.  I am working on a fiction book with my photographs and a storyline regarding communications. A communication technician being my former occupation.

field impressions

What are you trying to say with your work?

Pick me! Pick me! Buy me!

Honestly, I truly enjoy making art. It says whatever it means to the individual. I have created only one piece of artwork that I intended to make a statement.

What made you choose the medium you work with?

I started painting as a youngling so I love the watercolor mediums and drawing. I then picked up a camera and started in photography to keep legal records which lead to photographing everything everywhere.

Do you work in a studio?

I work everywhere I go. Every time I go out I am photo shooting something. It pays off later. My studio is in my home and on my travels.

I have a country home in an isolated township where I work. It is set in the high lands of North Dakota where the tall grass waves like the sea. It is a beautiful place.

What is the one thing you have you just could not be without?

Nothing. There is nothing I could leave out or would give up.  In fact, I can always use more supplies. I use food coloring keep costs down when practicing painting.


Who are your biggest influences?

The Lord and the lovely world he provided inspires me everyday. Then it would have to be my art group members. They work daily on the most wonderful and amazing artwork you can find online.

Music chosen by Delynn

What is your favourite piece of work by yourself?

My Little Dam is a colorful chalk impression of trees with water ending in the foreground. It reminded me of a piece of property I almost purchased and still think about.

little dam

How much time (on average) does it take to complete a work?

Each piece is different. I try to speed paint so most work like drawing and sketching is usually an hour.

How do you know something is ‘finished’? Is it easy to walk away?

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When the lines are filled in, there is no place put more paint, the lines are straight or the photograph is sharp and well shaded.

What project are you working on now?

I have a ghost book, an adult coloring book and a series of drawings I would like to complete soon. The ghost book is full of photographic anomalies I took here and there that look a little too much like ghosts. Because I have so many images, I am working on a story line to go with it. The adult coloring book is a series of photographs and drawing also in works.

What was the best advice given to you as an artist?

Never quit. Regardless of if you think your work is not great, keep on trying. It will come to you.  I recently sold set of stockings with yellow sunflowers which I thought looked a little strange but someone else loved them.

Come join me online and become an artist. Most of it is free. You can find more information here.

What was the first piece of art you sold?

A blue scarf with a light daisy flower. Of course, I purchased my own POD, (print on demand), artwork first just to see how it looks. I would recommend to any artist to do the same.


Do you find it hard to navigate the artworld?

I am having the best time of my life surfing the web. I am whizzing around at 100 miles per hour nonstop and it been a great ride. There are so many places to check out.  I have created multiple art groups which I administrate and numerous blogs and websites I built. I also build websites for other people and offer my help online to those in need. I am available to help others for a small fee.

What are you personally doing to advance your work career?

I was raised by my mother, now deceased, who was an interior decorator and draughts-woman. I have been drawing since I was a toddler, throughout my academic years and to date. I have been the administrator of 25 art groups online.

I also have an online video art group. Also journals and reviews.


Recently, I created multiple places online to post for a large number of my art group members. With over 50 sites we share artwork interests. I post my work daily and/or encourage colleagues to do the same. We decorate mock-up images with our Print On Demand artwork. It is mostly free and I welcome anyone to join us. You can find out more here,

Exhibitions you are working on.

I am creating opportinities online with multiple social media clubs. I do have an online Exhibitor’s Art group where anyone is welcome to join.

This year I launch an Artwork Showcase Music Vlog on Youtube with many of my video art group members from the Video on the Spot Exhibits art group. See the playlist here.

If there is a place for the customer to land then they will come. If it is built they have a place to land so I have built many places of interests. As of 2018, I have over 50 websites.

I have many supporters and followers. We all work together to pass our work through to others. Making friends works better than trying to make a sale. By creating a  club inplace of a social media art group of just artists, I created clubs customer’s would be interested in joining.

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Music chosen by Delynn

Do you follow art trends etc.

…I am creating my own ways but I would happy to join my peers in any new projects.  I would rather be an individual who creates my own artwork instead of copying someone else’s ideas and work. Trends come and go. They are fun for the moment but classics stand the time. Together they made for an interesting life style.

How do you price your work and why do you price it that way?

I usually price my artwork medium price to make it accessible to a wider audience. I usually do not sell the originals, but I am open to it.


Do you use social networking in your day to day life?

Yes. I do use social media. I have created many sites of interest. I am still adding new social media sites daily such as Art Groups/Online Clubs open for membership. All currently free.

Some places you may find me are here;

Is there anything that really annoys you about the artworld?

No, I’m pretty easy going. Art is in the eye of the viewer.

But I do see that when I purchased a website for my artwork, I found that the host divided the elements and didn’t mention the SSL, secure site seal. I purchased from one host who included all elements for a fully functional website, but the other host didn’t include the SSL. I would recommend people to purchase a package deal.

still life

What advice would you give new artists?

I say it every day. You are welcome to join with us and become an artist.

Explore the world of color, shades, and composition either by painting, digital art or just through a camera lens.

Open yourself up and escape into the wonderful world of art. Follow me here to find out more.

Have you got hobbies?

None currently, I have left my extreme extraordinary hobbies in my past.

My avocation has became my vocation. So I’m currently an art group administrator, blogger, journalist, photograph and artist. I have never been happier.

Where are you based?

I am currently in North Dakota, the high grass lands of America where the winters are cold and summers are warm. In the winter, frosts cover the trees in crystal and there are glitter ice crystals in the air, and in the summer the grass grows tall waving in the winds like the sea. It’s a stunningly beautiful place to live.

Delynn Addams


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Lovely interview. It is always nice to learn about fellow artists.