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I am a retired French teacher of 20 years, the mother of a grown son and daughter, a proud grand-mother, and the wife of a retired Air Force officer. I was raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After our marriage, my husband and I lived in seven states from Ohio to California to Alabama. We have called Papillion, Nebraska, home since 1987 when we moved there following his two-year tour of duty in southern Belgium.

I began learning French in Belgium and upon our return I continued my study at UNO. Through teaching, continued contact with other French-speakers, and biannual trips to France with groups of students, I have continued to build upon my interest in that language and the cultures of those who speak it.

Photography has been my major free time activity since 2006. I always enjoyed taking pictures of family and friends, but it wasn’t until my husband got me a digital camera in 2004 and I started exploring the processing possibilities associated with digital work that I began to pursue photography as a serious pastime. I do not limit myself to any particular genre or technique and you will find everything from macros to landscapes, from animals to everyday objects, from still lifes to street captures among my images. I love color but many of my personal favorites are in monochrome; I enjoy the flowing lines and forms of nature but have a special passion for linear design elements; I use my camera both to explore the world around me and as a basis for creative expression.

I enjoy the camaraderie, learning, and stimulation I have found through participating in on-line digital photo contests on sites such as Fine Art America, BetterPhoto and DPCHallenge as well as at the Omaha Camera Club and North Central Camera Club Council (N-4C). Additionally, I submit prints to the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon. I have had a satisfying number of successes in these contests; but most importantly, putting my work up against that of others motivates and inspires me.

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