The Month Before Christmas

The Month Before Christmas

‘Twas the month before Christmas and all through the land
the stores were so full there was no place to stand.

Some products were hung on the racks one by one,
others were stacked on the shelves marked for fun.

Shoppers were crammed in the aisles of the store
with visions of riots and chaos and more.

And me in my sweatpants and Pa with his hat
stood waiting in line mumbling about this and this.

When down aisle fifteen there arose such a noise
we knew it could only come from the toys.

Away down the toy aisle Pa flew in a rush
tripped over his shoelace, his face all aflush.

The lights on the ceiling threw a glow on the floor
that blinded poor Pa and he fell yet once more.

When Pa could stand up and could see once again
he picked up his flask and sipped on his gin.

A very large man stepped before him just then
and Pa saw at once it was Nick, his old friend.

He was dressed all in red from his head to his toes
and Pa starting talking of all of his woes.

But his friend held his hand up high in the air
and said, “Please stop whining ‘cause I really don’t care.

You have all you need and others are poor
so let’s find them something between here and the door.”

Down the aisles they ran till Pa could go no more.
But Nick just raced all around the store.
There were dolls for the girls and skates for the boys
and all kinds of games in the aisle of the toys.

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Then Pa’s friend Nick turned around in a flash
and down the clothes aisle they sped in a dash.

There were dresses and skirts and pants and shirts,
they gathered it all till their whole bodies hurt.

Old Nick gave a nod and a wink of his eye
and Pa smiled shyly at this generous guy.

With a swipe of the plastic and a cart full of gifts
they headed outside to the truck that was Nick’s.

The truck was loaded and ready to leave
when Nick said to Pa, “You need to believe.
Believe that it’s better to give than receive.”

And off Nick drove with a truck full of joy
to give to the needy both girl and boy.

©2017 Kathy K. McClellan

Kathy K. McClellan

Kathy K. McClellan

Kathy started her lifelong interest in photography over fifty years ago with a Kodak Instamatic X-15, an inexpensive point and shoot film camera. Two more film cameras and three digital cameras have traveled with Kathy along her journey in life to where she is today.

Her interest in photography melded perfectly with her love of nature. She is constantly in awe of God's natural beauty around her and feels privileged to not only witness that beauty but to also capture it in her images.

Kathy has lived in five states and three different regions of the US. She is grateful for the abundance of beauty and inspiration that surrounds her where ever she lives.

After following several successful career paths over the years, Kathy decided to concentrate on promoting the arts and offer her photography for sale to the public. She has started writing and painting again as she had done in her past.

Modern technology is providing new opportunities and Kathy is excited to finally be able to share with others the beauty that she has witnessed.
Kathy K. McClellan

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