Cherries In A Bowl


We love cherries.  Unlike strawberries and grapes that we can buy year round cherries are only available during our late spring/early summer season.

When I see them in the grocery store I buy them and pit them, then freeze most of them. We eat some of them fresh and eat the frozen ones off and on during the rest of the year after cooking them down to put on pancakes.

I saw fresh cherries earlier this week when grocery shopping.  I bought two bags knowing they would only be available for a few weeks. 

For the last few days I’ve looked at that large bowl full of washed berries every time I’ve opened the fridge.  “I will pit them and bag them up tomorrow.”  I’d think to myself.

This afternoon I took that bowl out of the fridge and pitted those cherries.  I had put off pitting them before this because it’s a chore! 

There’s pitted cherries to bag up and freeze, cherry juice to wipe up from the counter or table, depending on where I decide to sit or stand while pitting them.

I’m usually about half way finished with pitting cherries when I wonder why I buy so many at the time. Maybe, I think, I should only get one bag at the time to pit.  Pitting cherries is time consuming, messy and causes stained hands and fingernails.  

It’s when we eat those freshly pitted cherries sprinkled with shredded coconut that I’m ready to buy many more of those sweet, juicy cherries.

I’ll be buying groceries again in a few days and I’m sure that if there are cherries available I will be buying twice as many bags this time. 

After all, if it’s going to make a mess and be a chore let’s do it and clean it all up at one time!

As a bonus we’ll have twice as many to eat over the next year as the most delicious pancake topping ever. 

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