Periodical Cicada Sunning

I heard an annoying sound as I sat on the back patio a couple of weeks ago.  It was the song of Periodical Cicadas emerging.  These insects emerge from their underground home after 13 or 17 years. 

The cicadas that I have been hearing, seeing and photographing are members of the Brood XIX family of cicadas.  That brood emerges every 13 years.

Today’s featured image is titled Periodical Cicada Sunning.  I photographed it on May 16, 2024 on a concrete patio in the late afternoon in Florence, Alabama (USA). 

Cicada wings are transparent enabling you to see the shape and size of the insect’s abdomen through its wings.

The large eyes are set wide apart and in this particular type of cicada the eyes are bright red.

Cicadas emit sounds, called songs, which can be extremely loud, especially when there are large numbers of those insects in a relatively small area.

The cicadas that are emerging in Northern Alabama (USA) will be heard and seen for several more weeks.  You can expect more photographs to be posted on my site and possibly another blog post or two about these fascinating and somewhat annoying insects.

Click here to view a larger version of today’s image.

Please feel free to share in the comment section below if your area is or will be experiencing a cicada event this year.

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