A Sticky Situation

We were visiting St. Mary’s, Georgia (USA), a small coastal town on the St. Mary’s River. The river separates the states of Georgia and Florida in the Southeastern United States.

Although it was late spring the sun was high in the sky and had heated the asphalt paving on the streets and parking lots.

I had been taking pictures in a riverfront park and was walking back to the pier where my husband was watching  boats come and go.

I don’t know why I looked down at the ground as I approached a recreational vehicle but when I did I spotted this wad of chewing gum stuck to a tire.

There was no way for me to know how long the sticky gum had been on the pavement or how long ago the vehicle ran over the gum.  But as heavy as the vehicle was, when its tire rolled over that wad, the gum refused to give up its hold on the pavement even though it also stuck to the tire.

The gum between the tire and pavement had a string like appearance and for some reason it fascinated me.  I captured three shots of the scene and walked off to meet the hubby, grateful that I had not stepped on a wad of sticky chewing gum.

Had I stepped in chewing gum that was as sticky as the gum on the tire, I would have literally found myself in a sticky situation.  However, sometimes we can find ourselves in what we call a sticky situation when in reality our situation does not literally involve sticky or gummy substances.

What situations have you found yourself in that was a sticky situation?

Did it literally involve chewing gum, some other sticky candy or glue? Or was your sticky situation one that was difficult to deal with but not literally sticky?

Please feel free to comment and share one of your sticky situations, whatever that means to you.

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