A Fortune Cookie: Food For Thought

My husband really likes Chinese food and I get tired of cooking, so about once a week he brings home Chinese takeout for supper.

It’s an American tradition to end your Chinese meal with a fortune cookie, a crisp and sugary cookie wafer with a “fortune” inside.  These fortunes are usually aphorisms (a statement of general truth or principle handed down from earlier generations).

Sometimes we laugh at our fortunes and sometimes they cause us to think more deeply about what it written on that little strip of white paper.

For example, my first reaction to this week’s fortune was a hearty laugh out loud moment.  But after reading it to my husband we both ended up wrinkling our brow in an outward sign that we were mulling over this piece of wisdom more seriously.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”

Wow!  If you think deeply on that statement it’s pretty profound.

What issue, problem or chore is so important in your life that you would want to make sure that the issue or chore is completed and the problem solved?

Are any of our chores or jobs important enough that we would not want to leave anything unfinished when our life is over?

Are there any problems in our life that we would not want to leave unsolved?

Those questions have been churning around my brain for several days now.  I don’t think there’s one single chore or job that would hurt anyone or matter at all if I left it undone and I’m pretty sure none of my problems will matter since I won’t be here to stress over them!

What are your thoughts on this recent “fortune”?  Please feel free to comment below. 

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05/27/2023 at 3:36 pm

Definitely food for thought! There a great number of things I would like to accomplish or finish while I am still here. Too many to mention them here. It has been said that the age group between 60 and 80 is busier and does more than any other age group. Is that because we feel we run out of time? For me though I rather do a little less and finish something I started than having lots of projects I can’t finish.

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