Earth Day

We are two days away from Earth Day as I write this post.  This year (2023) marks 53 years that this environmentally aware holiday has been celebrated.

Most articles cite one particular man for the founding of Earth Day but research shows that there were several people that led the environmental movement that eventually helped  create Earth Day and several more persons who were instrumental in establishing the movement nationally as well as internationally.

The first official Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970.  Because the movement was originally called Campus Teach-Ins, the date was chosen because it was between Spring Break and Final Exams for most colleges.

By 1990 Earth Day had gone global and was recognized in 141 countries.  The year 2000 found Earth Day in the digital age of social media and saw 180 countries participating.

Fifty years of global environmental awareness was celebrated in 2020 with approximately 200 countries celebrating Earth Day.

There are some countries that celebrate Earth Day on the Spring Equinox and many countries have adopted an entire week of activities during Earth Week.

What events and activities are scheduled in your community?

Are there events taking place in a week long celebration?

Will you be involved in any clean-up projects in your town?

Please share your Earth Day activities in the comment section and inspire others to take action wherever and whenever they can to help sustain nature and our environment for generations to come.

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