Think of all the many paintings, drawings and photographs of hands that you have seen.

 Wedding photos with hands wearing the wedding rings.

An older person’s hand holding a child’s hand.

Holding a dying parent’s hand.

Poems, blogs and articles are often accompanied by an image of an elderly hand.  Wrinkled with age spots that hand represents years of service.

What about your feet? 

Do you see as many images of feet as you do hands?

Do you read as many poems, blogs and articles about feet as you do about hands?

Several of my art challenge photographs this past week or two have involved feet, both humans and canines.

Think about your feet and their service just as you might think about how your hands serve you.

You can’t keep your balance without your feet. 

You can’t stand straight and still without your feet.

You can’t walk without your feet.

Even with the pain from bunions, ingrown toenails or plantar fasciitis our feet serve us by enabling us to stand without falling over, to walk and sometimes even to run.

Let’s not “drag our feet” but instead “jump in with both feet” when it comes to “putting our best foot forward”.

Remember to keep “both feet on the ground” without letting “the grass grow under your feet”.

Lastly, “think fast on your feet” and “sweep someone off their feet” with kindness in order to then relax when you finally “put your feet up”!

Full size image can be seen  here:

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