Looking Back

Last week I wrote about looking forward.   This  week I spent a little time looking backwards.

I participated in a three day art challenge with the theme being Books.  I chose two baby books and a wedding album to photograph and write about.

The baby book that was photographed on Day One belonged to a woman who is married to the man whose baby book was photographed on Day Two.  Since this couple had no children there were no other baby books to photograph.  Their wedding album seemed to be the next logical book to highlight.

In photographing these books I was bound to think about the past. How could I not think about these people? Their pictures and baby books told the stories of their first months. 

What those baby books did not tell was how these two came to know each other and then marry.  Questions not answered in any of the three books.

Sometimes we wonder about the past.  Sometimes we study it.

History is the study of the past.  Events that have taken place before today, sometimes long before.

How often do you think about the past?

Do you think more about your own past or history in general?

Do you wonder how people lived in the past or how famous couples in history may have met?

Do you wonder how your ancestors met?

It was thought provoking to go through those three books, arrange their contents before photographing them and then write descriptions for those images.

I looked backwards.  I created three images to complete that art challenge.

And then I looked forward to complete another 365 Challenge image!


Melvin Hancock
07/23/2022 at 12:41 pm

As I have gotten older, I think of a thousand questions I would like to have asked my parents and grandparents. And, I wish I had written down some of the things I was told about them and their generations. Unfortunately, we often look to, and wonder about, our ancestors and their generations only after it is too late.

07/23/2022 at 11:11 am

You are so creative! You thought of photo albums for a book challenge! It is always helpful to know where we came from!

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