Looking Forward


Two of the images that I processed this week had the words Looking Forward in the title.  The images were photographs looking towards the front or bow of two different ships.

Thinking about those titles led to thinking about looking forward in life.  We are advised not to look backwards towards the past but to keep our focus on the present.

What about the future?  Isn’t looking forward in life about focusing on the future?

Do you most often focus on the present or the future?

If your focus is on the future more often than the past or present, how far into the future is your focus?

Are you focusing on this afternoon? This evening?  Tonight?

Is your future tomorrow? Next week?  Next month or next year?

How far ahead are you looking when you are looking forward?

Are there events that you are “looking forward” to attending?

Are there people that you are “looking forward” to seeing?

I am “looking forward” to getting this blog post online and ready for you to read and ponder!

Remember, you can leave me a comment to answer any or all of the above questions or to let me know if my images or my words have inspired or encouraged you in any way.


Melvin Hancock
07/14/2022 at 11:21 pm

I disagree with the people that say we should never look back. There are people, events, and experiences from the past that have shaped the person I am today. That provides the balance for the present and the hope for the future. I do think there is a difference between looking back (good) and “living in the past” (bad). History should always be a moderator for the present and future.

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