Sailboat In The Sky

There are many parts to the Art Challenges on Fine Art America hosted by Abbie Shores.  One major part of the challenge is to create new work each day. Many obstacles can pop up along the way such as computer crashes, no internet connection, or even illness.  However, another part of the challenge is to be creative. To think outside the box.

Aircraft was the theme for one of the Art Challenges that I participated in last month.  Many airplanes and helicopters were being posted.  I had posted one of each of those during the three day challenge.  I decided to think about aircraft a bit differently on one of the days. Today’s blog post is about that image and its backstory.


Sailboat In The Sky by Kathy K. McClellan is a photographic image created for Day One of Challenge 20 (Theme: Aircraft).

Picture it: It was the year 2008. Three adult humans and one young canine in an empty field.  All three individuals had lost a lifetime of possessions in a natural disaster only a few years before.

It was a clear day with no clouds in sight when all of a sudden one of the humans started running wildly holding a nylon sailboat overhead.  Within seconds the wind caught the ancestral aircraft and lifted it higher and higher.

There they were.  Poor as a church mouse but rich as royalty as the flying sailboat brought simple, childhood joy into their lives, even if only for a few minutes on that clear, sunny day.

A Sailboat In The Sky. A source of joy and wonderment on a clear but windy day.


When was the last time you had an obstacle try to prevent you from meeting a challenge in life?

Did you think outside the box to meet that challenge?

Did thinking differently, outside the box, help you to meet the challenge?

My hope is that each of us will meet our life challenges head on and successfully complete those challenges even when we need to change our way of thinking and get creative with our solutions to overcoming those challenges.

The full size kite image can be found  here :

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