Rainy Day Blues

Several of the personal art challenges that I am participating in have had the reoccurring subject of gardening. This most recent theme was umbrellas and boots suggesting that the garden had gotten much needed rain.

The image I created this morning for that challenge was titled Rainy Day Blues.  There are people who get “the blues” when there are extending days of rain.  It’s not actually the rain that causes the depressed state of mind but the lack of sunshine.

This morning the sun was shining.  Most of the time sunny days are good days for me. Therefore, I set about trying to execute an idea I had for this challenge.

Well, that idea didn’t work.  It really was a cute, fun idea but I could not seem to complete it properly.

I changed gears and tried another idea.

Nope.  That idea didn’t work either.

By this time the sun was heating up the atmosphere as well as my brain and frustration set in.  It didn’t help that emotionally I was dealing with several other life frustrations.

Eventually I succeeded in creating an image that appeared to be pleasing to at least a few other artists .

I am obviously not satisfied with it because it didn’t come together as I had planned (common concept: the best laid plans…).

Have you ever experienced the rainy day blues?

Emotionally, when it rains does it pour (another common concept)?

Do you ever have the rainy day blues when it isn’t even raining?

I was having  the rainy day blues on a sunny day and those blues were pouring in!

Thank goodness I knew that this too shall pass.

A full sized image with description can be found here.

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