Shake It Out

A year or so ago I read a short piece on shaking to improve your health, specifically to “reset” our bodies to a more natural balance after all the stress of modern living.  I tried it a couple of times and then, like so many other exercises I forgot about it.

However, I recently had some dental infections and as they got worse I started having pain that appeared to be from a clogged lymph node.  As I researched information about this issue I learned that the major cause of stoppage in that particular lymph node was reoccurring or serious dental infections!  Strike One.

I also learned that sitting at a desk, working on a computer and watching television for long periods of time could also contribute to clogged lymph nodes. I must confess that I spend quite a bit of time sitting at the computer.   Strike Two.

I decided to do some research before Strike Three.

I found that there are several drug free, non-invasive things that we can do ourselves to keep the lymphatic system’s drainage going, even if one or more nodes are clogged up or blocked. 

Movement.  Get up.  Move.  Move your body.  Massage your skin with dry brushing and SHAKE!

What did I have to lose by trying the shaking method again?  Pain!   I could lose the pain from a clogged lymph node.   

So I started shaking.  Two minutes of shaking.  That’s all the time I spent shaking.  Two minutes a day.  Shaking my arms out at my side. Shaking my legs.  And yes, shaking my booty!

My research on the subject of shaking (also called Therapeutic Tremoring) was fascinating.  It seems that all mammals shake for physical and mental reasons.  But for the most part, humans have been taught to control ourselves.  We tend to bottle up stress and trauma instead of literally shaking it off.   

Look up therapeutic tremoring or TRE exercises (a specific shaking therapy) to learn more about this natural way to combat stress and trauma and possibly gain more energy while helping to bring your body back in balance. 

I looked it up and received positive results when I allowed myself to literally “Shake It Out”!


05/12/2022 at 7:09 pm

Interesting. Just goes to show what we can learn from animals. In addition to shaking, animals stretch a lot. A good all-over stretch make me feel so good. I will have to try shaking. It certainly sounds therapeutic.

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