Decisions, Decisions

As I was researching for today’s post I was reading several sites about idioms.  My mind was all over the place trying to decide the direction of this piece, using idioms as the subject.  

I could make a list of idioms and their meanings as many other sites have done.

I could pick out one idiom and write about it.

I could pick out several idioms and compare their similarities.

I could ditch the idiom idea all together.

How in the world was I going to decide what direction to take for today’s post?

It then dawned on me that life, in some ways, is much like writing this blog post.  Everyday there are decisions to make.  How do you decide what to wear that day?  What meal to prepare, cook and serve that day? What medical decision to make?

Do you research, make a pro and con list or roll the dice? 

Did you catch that?  Pun intended!

In my own life I do all three of those things when I am faced with a decision that I need to make.

 I don’t do research for every decision every time.  My goodness it’s hard enough to decide what to serve as a meal every day, day in and day out without doing research (looking up new recipes) for each meal.  But sometimes I do actually look up new recipes. 

For some decisions I make a pros and cons list.  But, once again, I don’t do that for every decision.

Occasionally I roll the dice.  I simply make a decision.  Right or wrong.  Good or bad.  I simply decide one way or the other and hope for the best.

Is your decision making similar to mine?

Is one way of deciding better than another?

Is the method totally dependent on the type of decision to be made?

Did I decide to change directions of today’s post from my original plan?

I sure did. 

I hope every decision you make today is as easy as my decision to “roll the dice” and “change lanes” on today’s blog subject!


05/05/2022 at 11:41 pm


First of all, thanks for visiting and commenting.

Second of all and more importantly, thanks for making me laugh! I needed that today.

Now, what to cook for supper……

05/05/2022 at 7:21 pm

Heh. Rolling the dice is a dicey way to present an idiom to your audience. You took a chance with this one, eh. But I believe you taking this chance proved to be a winner. Great post, Kathy.

BTW – how do I decide what to wear each day? Well, whatever happens to be on the top of the drawer when I open it, of course.

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