Playing Hooky


What does it mean to play hooky?

What does hooky mean?

Hooky:  Absent from school or work without an excuse, without permission or for a frivolous reason. 

Hooky: To not go to school or work or to purposely miss an appointment.

Have you ever played hooky?

Did you play hooky from school, from work or both?

Are you reading this blog post because you are online while playing hooky?

I wonder if I could play hooky from any of today’s obligations?

I will not be playing hooky from my dental appointment.

I hope not to be playing hooky from the 2022 Journal Art Challenge.

Would it be okay with you if I played hooky today and didn’t upload a blog post?

Well, just in case it would not be okay with you for me to play hooky, I  will upload this post! 

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