Life Is Full Of Challenges

Some of you reading this are aware that for the last several months I have been participating in Abbie Shore’s Personal Art Challenges on Fine Art America.  These challenges range from a single day to 100 days (I have not participated in that one).

All but one or two challenges have had a specific theme.  Liquids, Blue, Green, Architecture, Black and White, Perspective, After Dark and Containers are the themes that I have completed.

Today is the last day of the Thirty Day Challenge with Container as the theme.  The theme was not as challenging this time as was creating a new image, title and description each day consistently for an entire month. No breaks. No days off.

There are hundreds of everyday items that are containers.  Open containers like plates or bowls fit the theme along with bottles, jugs, vases, flower pots, bags and so many more items.

But the real challenge for me was fitting in this creativity with life in general.  We made a last minute, out of state trip at the beginning of the challenge.  I was concerned that I wouldn’t have the time or internet connection to create and post images.  I did.

I had a minor health issue toward the end of the challenge. But I was able to set up still lifes, use my camera or photographs taken at an earlier date, type descriptions and get a newly created image posted daily.

Then, on the next to the last day, I had a long, painful dental appointment early in the morning when I was usually working on my art challenge for the day.  I was concerned that I would be wiped out and exhausted from the stress of pain and would come home and crash.  But I didn’t.  I came home and completed that day’s challenge despite my exhaustion.

I wasn’t the only artist that had general life issues to deal with either.  A few artists had to drop out before completing the entire thirty days for one reason or another.

As life is generally a series of challenges, one after the other, I know that I will be completing some type of challenge, if not multiple challenges, in the future.

Stay tuned!

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