The Imaginary Beau Rivage

The image accompanying this post was taken in front of the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in Biloxi, MS. Software filters were used to create the imaginary sight in this story.

She was freezing from the high powered air conditioner. When she stepped outside, the summer sun warmed her up quickly. Before long the shade from the massive Live Oak trees was a welcome compromise between the cold air inside and the oppressive heat outside.

Looking up through the oak branches her vision became distorted. Oak leaves melded together and the colors of the sun on the building intensified.

The transitional architecture of the hotel wing of the resort towered high above the tall, ancient oaks. Everything about this moment in time seemed surreal. Even though she only stood there for several minutes it seemed like hours.

She jumped suddenly as her friend touched her shoulder. ” Let’s go.  I’ve gambled and lost and now I’m broke.” said her friend.

And just that quick the magic was gone. As she turned towards her friend and started walking to their car the surreal turned to reality as hundreds of cars whizzed by on the busy four lane highway in front of the resort.

“I sure wish I could have captured that magical sight with my camera.” she thought as they walked away.

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