Selfishness Or Self-Care?

I’ve been reading quite a few social media posts and memes with some of the following statements. These statements caused me to ask myself if my self-care was actually selfishness. For instance:

Does this sound familiar?   Do it if it makes you happy, feels good, nourishes your spirit, lifts your mood, etc.  

 What about this: “Stop doing what makes you miserable.”?

Are these statements about self-care or about being selfish?

Do you struggle with knowing the difference?

Is there any difference?

Is the difference possibly how any of those actions might affect others?

Is the difference only at what degree you act upon those statements?

Can you practice self-care without being selfish?

Today’s post, full of questions, is meant to be food for thought.  Comments expressing your thoughts on this issue are welcome and encouraged. After all, Life IS a matter of perspective and your view may help another with their struggle over this issue. 

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