Travel Buddy

I have a friend, a longtime girlfriend, who has been both my travel buddy and travel agent. She is a world traveler and experienced in making travel arrangements. She even backpacked around Europe after finishing college.

I’ve moved around the eastern United States several times since I first met Jewel (not her real name). Every time I settled into a new state Jewel would arrange to come and visit. But she did more than just clear the date of her visit with me. She also created an itinerary for us. I’ve seen the Faberge Egg collection, numerous James River Plantations, Monticello, Cherry trees in Washington, DC and more all thanks to Jewel!

The most unexpected and appreciated trip that Jewel planned was to Greece. She knew that my Grandfather was from Crete and that several of my stateside relatives had visited family there. She also knew that I had always wanted to go. When Jewel found out that she and her husband were going to Greece as part of his job she graciously made arrangements for my husband and I to go on the same flights and to stay at the same hotel.

What a once in a lifetime treat that was to meet relatives there and stand in front of the ruins of the house my Grandfather lived in before coming to the states!

At the present time I would like to visit several islands along the east coast, especially the uninhabited ones along Georgia’s coast. I was thinking about calling Jewel and asking her to set up a trip for us. Much to my surprise I found out today that she has planned a trip to Florida with her husband.

I’ll gladly go to Florida instead of Georgia as long it’s along a coastline.

Now…to call Jewel!


04/29/2021 at 2:54 pm

Well, Roberta, I’ll be “next door” for a couple of days! See you then.

04/22/2021 at 3:52 pm

I love this and would like to ask Jewel to arrange to bring you to Pittsburgh in May!

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