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    Gaby Ethington
    Gaby Ethington

    My main focus is nature photography, especially flora and fauna that are naturally around my area in North Texas. In addition, I love to process my photographs with digital art effects. I also find that creating graphic art using effects, patterns and other techniques lend an artistic flair and is a fun and relaxing aspect of my photographic art.

    I also enjoy pairing up my photographic art with Bible Scripture. My Photographic Scripture Collection is called ‘Faith-Devotional’ and is listed first in my Collections tab because I want to honor God first in all that I do in life and art.

    I have slowly started to paint again which I haven’t done since the 1970’s. I have a few of my paintings and sketches in my collection and will have more as time allows.

    When did you first become interested in art?

    When I was a little girl, about 5 years old, my dad would bring home cardboard sheets from work so I could draw on them. He was a watercolor painter/artist as a hobby and he encouraged me to draw and paint.

    We had a small horse ranch and he also trained horses and taught English riding, jumping and dressage so naturally my drawing was of horses.

    As I grew up, I did not keep up the art, except in high school. Then came family and career so this all was stifled down inside of me for many years.

    I was gifted with a digital camera in 2010 and then a nicer one in 2012 and started to enjoy photography.

    Heart Patterns Series 18 with Love ©Gaby Ethington
    Heart Patterns Series 18 with Love ©Gaby Ethington

    In the last few years, I have learned to use my photographs to process into digital art and graphic art, which I find has brought out the artistic ‘gene’ that was hiding in that little girl so many years ago.

    What about photography in general?

    God’s creation and nature has drawn me to look at the minute details of flowers and trees, so flower photography and art are what draws me in.

    Which camera do you use most?

    My Nikon D3100 was my go-to camera (which was gifted to me) and a few months ago it went kaput. My gracious sister had a barely used Nikon D3200 and gave it to me since she knows on my retirement income I could not afford another camera, so I now use that.

    I love to study the bible and learn about how to love others and be kind always.

    What made you choose that camera?

    It was gifted to me and actually is a great camera.

    Look At Me Chickadee Bird Close Up ©Gaby Ethington
    Look At Me Chickadee Bird Close Up ©Gaby Ethington

    Do you use a photo editor?

    Yes, I do.  I use it to bring out tones and also if my images would look better as a digital painting I utilize it for that as well. I can create graphic art in it too.

    Which editor do you love using most?

    I have to use an affordable program so I use BeFunky. I have also used Photoscape and Pixlr for certain effects.

    Do you enjoy the photography or the editing more?

    I would say the editing more so because of the variety of art I can make from my images.

    Mothers Day Deer Babies and Scripture ©Gaby Ethington
    Mothers Day Deer Babies and Scripture ©Gaby Ethington

    Which other photographer, dead or alive, would you love to meet?

    Andrea Gulickx – her flower and macro photography is inspiring.

    What is your favourite piece of work by yourself?

    My white rose close up called ‘Dark Dramatic and Romantic White Rose’. I love the dark around it and the white of the rose petals seem almost illuminated.

    Dark Dramatic and Romantic White Rose ©Gaby Ethington
    Dark Dramatic and Romantic White Rose ©Gaby Ethington

    How well do you take criticism?

    Fairly well if coming from a good intentioned heart. I have a proud German streak in me that I have to be cautious of and not be a jerk.

    Macro Ladybug Profile All Legs ©Gaby Ethington
    Macro Ladybug Profile All Legs ©Gaby Ethington

    Do you travel far when photographing?

    Not intentionally, mostly in state, but in 2022 I had to be in California to help my sister take care of my elderly mother, so the traveling back and forth a few times gave me many photo ops.

    Have you tried drone photography yet?

    No, it would be fun to try though – I enjoy looking at drone photography and love the aerial views it produces.

    What is your favourite personal photography story?

    That my husband knows how much I love to take photographs and since I take my camera every time we leave the house, he will stop and be patient if I see something to photograph. He drives me everywhere because I have balance issues and can no longer drive a car for long distances, so the fact that he is willing and gracious to stop and let me take my time to get the shots I need is precious to me.

    I was a horsewoman as a young lady and showed in Dressage and English riding/jumping – winning several championships in this field.

    Have you any exhibits in galleries planned for the future?

    No, I do not think I have the confidence to approach a gallery yet.

    Wild Mustang in Wild Colors ©Gaby Ethington
    Wild Mustang in Wild Colors ©Gaby Ethington

    What was the best advice given to you as an photographer? 

    To learn the settings on your camera and don’t be afraid to mess up, they are digital after all and can be deleted. I would say to new photographers, the same – plus explore, experiment and enjoy it.

    Do you think the internet has altered the way photographers can get known? Has the internet made infringement easier?

    I think the internet is helpful for photographers to be found. Oh yes, I think it has made infringement much easier, I read the discussions regarding people who have found their images on other sites and the difficulties dealing with it.

    Have you done any courses to help you?

    Yes, years ago I attended a 3-hour basic photography course, and a few years ago one of my daughters gifted me with a Masterclass with Annie Leibovitz which was extremely good and well done.

    What do you do to market your work?

    I am in social networks and post images every day, I enter contests and now I am exploring the idea of donating my photographic art to charitable organizations.

    I love animals but we don’t have pets at this time, since we live out in the country with no fences. We do, however, have neighbors dogs that come to our back door for treats, so that fulfils our animal fix for now.

    I use social networks mostly in the morning hours. I have also joined the marketing group on FAA for promoting ourselves and others. Here are my social links:

    Hummingbird Sipping from Zinnia Flower ©Gaby Ethington
    Hummingbird Sipping from Zinnia Flower ©Gaby Ethington

    Are you available for work (commissions)?

    No, I am not, unless someone wanted me to design a logo or graphic art piece.

    Have you got hobbies?

    Yes, walking, baking, and I like to make crafts with upcycling objects. I also like to sew felt Christmas ornaments for the holidays.

    Do you have a significant other? Are they supportive?

    Yes, my husband and I have been married over 47 years and he does support me and my photography and art. When I became ill with extreme vertigo in 2017 and now mild balance problems, he has taken care of me and will do anything to help me. He also will stop anytime while we are out if I see a photo op and he patiently waits for me while I shoot as much as need to. When I am in my home office and working on editing, he calls it my ‘Alternate Universe’ because I am so focused and quiet when working on the computer.

    What do your family think about what you do?

    They are very supportive and love when I share my photographic art with them. I make a ‘Family Calendar’ every year for them with my images and with everyone’s birthdays on each month.

    What do you dream about when asleep?

    Lately I have dreamt of my mother who just passed away in September. I dream a lot about the house I grew up in,

    I dream a lot about the ocean and also flying in the air like a bird.

    A recurring dream I have is finding shells on the beach or coins on the road or pretty rocks and stones.

    Where are you based?

    I am in north Texas in Nocona in the United States. — Post Permalink

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