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Rules sections

Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on OAM Discussions Area. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Example Rule Category

    1. We are a community. We aim for a self governing community. That means you are responsible for your own behaviour not other people's. We ask that instead of worrying about what others are doing (that is what the moderators are for) you only worry about what you do on the site.

      As such, please follow these very simple rules.

      1. The community is a welcoming place to all. We expect you to welcome others and share your tips and helpful hints. Think before you post. Is your post respectful? If not, do not post. Is it insulting? Do not post. You get the idea. Write... read through... post or just move on

      So this rule encompasses all things welcoming. Be nice. Be tolerant. Be respectful. Be polite at all times.

      No Shouting, arguing, hatred, insults or bad feeling. This includes against the site or its staff.

      2. Do not tell people what you think will sell or not. Nor how much images are worth. Just technical aspects that may help them be chosen by buyers. The more buyers (and artists) who visit and are happy, the more will follow. That is good for all of us.

      3. Do not swear or upload any images or links that may be adult only. The site has all ages on it. Restrict adult language and content to adult sites.

      4. Do not respond to people who are rude, insulting or anything else non-community minded. You will have to be removed along with them. Sorry but if you are responding then you are arguing. We are stopping this

      5. Do not load images or content which is not yours, or ask about copyright theft in the forum.

      This does not include if you found your work elsewhere. We will try to help you with what to say and how to find the culprit if that happens.

      6. Report Abuse. Click on a moderator's link and send them a message if you see abuse of these rules.

      7. Do not spam about yourself or other sites. We do not need posts about your work. We can click through if we like what you are discussing. Only open threads that have a proper topic to discuss.

      If you now use the forum, we take it that you have read our rules and are willing to comply with them. If you therefore break any, you will be removed from the discussions areas, which include all group discussions, and may even have your account here closed.

      Thank you

      OAM Moderating Team #