Ludwig Keck
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20th October 2018 5:41 pm  

Congratulations to Kathy! 

Hurray, you have reached the one year anniversary of your daily writing topics!

If it were not for you, Kathy, this place would be as overgrown as your cemetery. Maybe overgrown is not the right word, as not even weeds are growing here. Each one of us here has a personal, good reason for having been away and active with other things. 

I know why I have been absent. It has to do with some commercial assignments that have overwhelmed this old chap and sapped me of energy. Not an excuse, here, just one of the reasons. 

Now that the days have become shorter maybe we will find a bit more evening time for pleasant things, for sharing with friends, for writing down our thoughts, for processing that pile of images. For inviting friends in for a chat. 

Consider that last item done. Please accept my invitation. Take a seat, stay awhile and tell me, tell us, about your summer, about your adventures, about your yearnings.

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Isabella F A Shores
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20th October 2018 7:10 pm  

Although I see no need to rub in the fact that people are not contributing to the site as we wished, I do join in with thanking Kathy for a sterling job on the Writing Tasks.

Thank you, Kathy xxxx

and well done with winning the Tony Award!!!


As Ludwig says, we hope to see more people join in soon

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Kathy K. McClellan
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20th October 2018 10:20 pm  


Ludwig your ESP is working well today.  I was thinking that I needed to work on the Writing Skills Tasks again soon!  And also that I should pop into the discussion area and see what I may have been missing.  Thank you Abbie for calling this post to my attention.

It's been my pleasure to post those subjects.  We have had several long distance road trips (anywhere from 7-14 hour trips) and thinking up and writing down subjects keeps me occupied as Royce drives us safely to visit family.  I take my legal pad with dates and task numbers written on it and many times write down objects that I see along the way as subjects.  Other subjects come to mind as I day dream my way to our destinations.

Abbie, when Phyllis first told me that she was passing along the Tony Award I actually had to search the FAA forums to find out what it was!  LOL   It has not arrived here yet.

It's hard to believe that summer is over and fall feels like winter already.  I know there are some gorgeous, sunny days still ahead but those days will not feel as warm and inviting as they look.  My yearning is to live somewhere that's warm year round, close to a coast........and unrealistically without snakes and alligators.  😎 

My guess is that everyone here is spread too thin to participate as much as we'd all like to do. But the good news is that we are all still here!