Best Wishes Kathy  


Isabella F A Shores
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17th November 2018 6:08 pm  

I hope R is doing better and is out of ICU soon xxxxx

To members, Kathy's husband was rushed to ICU earlier this week and found to have pneumonia.  He actually was let into a private room but then rushed into ICU again and is there now.

I am sure we all wish them both well and say to Kathy do not worry about this site.  Crikey you have backed up enough Word posts to last an age 🙂 

Love you xxx

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Ludwig Keck
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18th November 2018 2:49 am  

Best wishes, Kathy to you and your husband. Trust by now that he is on the way to recovery.

Kathy K. McClellan
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1st December 2018 5:20 am  

Thank you both!

Royce came home on the 21st.  He gains a little every day but it's slow going. He is due to go back to work on the 15th so he has a goal to work towards.

I wrote several months of subjects when he was in the hospital and I was waiting for doctors!  Yes, I had my trusty legal pad with me.  LOL