Born or Learned?  


Isabella F A Shores
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19th August 2018 11:35 pm  

Is there such a thing as born artistic talent? 

Does everyone have it?

Is it something that one can learn?

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Ludwig Keck
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20th August 2018 2:01 am  

Yes, yes, yes.

In my humble opinion, ok, maybe not so humble, I think all of us are born with artistic talent, but in some it blossoms forth powerfully, and in others it may lie dormant throughout life. These talents can be awakened and nurtured. Skills can be learned to allow the realization and expression of the talent. Interests can be stimulated, curiosity should be aided and allowed to direct choices in how we deal with our lives.

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7th November 2018 1:48 pm  

Very much so. My cousin's wife was born with a beautiful singing voice. No one taught her how to sing and she learned to play the guitar on her own. 

I, myself, has bee scribbling since I was tiny. But I also chose to educate myself further. But prior to that, I was drawing on my own.