Another Autumn – Kathy From KeppenArt

Another Autumn season is here.  Falling leaves, pumpkins, cooler weather and soon Halloween.

I wrote a “story” in second grade on two folded sheets of non-bleached paper that my mother had saved for me.  I kept those wrinkled sheets of paper for over forty years.

The story was about my favorite season.  Now, if you know me you know that I absolutely LOVE summer and cannot stand winter.  But in second grade, living in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, my favorite season was fall ( aka autumn).  That’s right. Cooler weather and all!

I remember I had drawn an orange leaf.  Orange.  My least favorite color.  Orange.  The only color that I can hardly stand.  But there it was in my second grade story.  An orange leaf representing my favorite season.

What is your favorite season?

Has your favorite season ever changed?

Is your favorite color the same as your childhood favorite color?

Are there other likes and dislikes in your life that have changed over the years?

It has been said that change is life.  Like the seasons our likes and dislikes can change as we age.

I still love those brilliant colors as the deciduous tree leaves change into their autumn shades.  Cooler evenings can bring campfires, hot coco and s’mores.

But truth be told, I can enjoy those fires, hot coco and s’mores just as much in July at the beach!


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Date Memories – Kathy From KeppenArt

Date Memories:  Remembering when things happened in the past by remembering the dates of important events.

For example people who have lived through a major natural disaster remember life events by “before” the storm and “after” the storm (or earthquake or fire, etc.) .

What about: Before and after high school?  College?  Marriage?  Children?   Death of a loved one?  A serious accident?

What about holidays?  Have any life events marked holidays as special or depressing for you?

Are certain seasons marked in your life by happy or sad events?

I have markers in my life that were placed there by several of the above scenarios.   I can remember events by when we moved to different states, by before and after a natural disaster and two holidays are somewhat depressing because of multiple deaths of loved ones on or close to those holidays.

This week includes three days in a row that involved my loved ones.  My father in law passed away on the 28th, my late mother’s birthday is on the 29th and my Baby Girlfriend Cookie passed away on the 30th.  I will always remember when those two deaths took place because they revolved around my mother’s birthday.

What life events have determined the “markers” in your life?

What serious and important events have divided your life into the before and after stages?

Are those markers good events or sad ones?

As we enter the winter season of life it’s helpful to have these markers, as it can get harder to remember when certain events took place.

After all, the longer we live, the more events we have to remember!


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Hometowns – Kathy From KeppenArt

Do you have a hometown?

Do you live in your hometown?

Has it always been your hometown?

Have you had more than one hometown in your lifetime?

What is a hometown?

What constitutes naming a place a “hometown”?

Is your home in your hometown?

Do you like your hometown?

Is there a sports team that you support in your hometown?

Does your family live in your hometown?

When you lived elsewhere did you move back to your hometown?

When you retire will you live in your hometown?

Are you glad I am finished asking you questions about hometowns?


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Adapt and Adjust – Kathy From KeppenArt

Adapt: to adjust.   Adjust:  to adapt.

Another one of those dictionary definitions that entice you to look up the definition word.  That can be frustrating when you don’t know the meaning of a word in the first place.

However, in this case I already know the meaning of both words.  That’s a good thing, too, because the need for me to put those words in practice could also be frustrating.  And who needs more frustration in life?

I have been enamored with the art challenges I’ve been doing (don’t you love the way I used enamored, giving a positive feeling, instead of addicted, giving a negative feeling?).   I recently signed up for a 30 day one.  Thirty Days!

And then life happened.  We found ourselves planning an out of state road trip to visit an ill family member.  Would I still have time to complete a challenge every single day while away from home?   If I managed to photograph and/or process a daily image would I have internet service to upload that image?

I don’t know the answer to those questions but I know I want to adapt and adjust my thinking, as well as my actions in order to still stay in the challenge.

In between loads of laundry that need to be done before packing, I can take photographs to process on challenge days.  I will start the challenge while away from home and process and upload new work every day that I am able.

Life events will always “get in the way” of our plans for living.  One important step to successful goal completion is to adapt and adjust along the way when those events threaten to push us off track.

Adapt and adjust. Evidently I have not perfected this because life keeps requiring that I keep adapting and adjusting.  What about you?



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Edie – Kathy From KeppenArt

Meet Edie, my first foster dog. She was turned into the animal shelter in Florence, Alabama with severe hair loss and a diseased eye. The eye problem was diagnosed as two different problems at first and there was a possibility that it would be removed.

I was thrilled to hear that not only had all of her hair grown back but the eye problem could be dealt with without removing it.

Edie is one of the lucky dogs. She had a rescue (Brown Dog Coalition Rescue) that pulled her out of the shelter and provided transport to her new home, a foster who loved and cared for her and a loving home waiting for her arrival.

Not all shelter dogs are so lucky. Many come into the shelter with injuries or diseases and are euthanized because there isn’t money to treat them. Even puppies have been put to sleep because of the lack of funds.

That’s where Chloe’s Fund steps in. Animals in the Lauderdale County, Florence, AL area have been saved, rescued and adopted because there was money in the fund for surgeries and treatments for adoptable shelter animals. But the need is great and the funds run out.

By purchasing a product with this image (or any of the images in my Going To The Dogs Collection) you are not only receiving a unique item but you are helping to save an animals life! Check on my homepage here at Kathy From KeppenArt for the link to that Collection.

Thank you to all of those who have already purchased and/or donated to that fund!


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