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The Crow Tree

Purchase this print  The Crow Tree Trees Series Isabella Shores YoursByShores This image shows the journey of life. At the start of the climb we see green lush leaves. As we climb further it should get easier but the paths are less and the holds further apart. The top is fragile and only death awaits. […]

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Getting To Know Hafsteinn Kroyer Eidsson When did you first become interested in art, in general? Been in and out of art since childhood, But it’s always been behind my ears though. How did you come to photography, from there? I actually never was interested in photography when younger. But When I got my first telescope, I started photographing through […]

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Getting To Know Emma Barton Photography When did you first become interested in photography, specifically? I really became aware of my love of photography whilst backpacking after finishing university. I had begged my parents for my first digital camera as my birthday present that year, it was an old Olympus and I absolutely loved it. I still have images I […]

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Getting To Know Chris Simms – British Author

He knew about his great-grandfather, Padraig. The giant navvy who, back in the late eighteen hundreds, had gathered enough money through bare-knuckle fighting to get his family out of the Manchester slum known as Little Ireland. – Sleeping Dogs Chris Simms has worked in airports, nightclubs, post offices and telesales centres. After travelling throughout the […]

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Getting To Know Sean from Fine Art America

Today I speak to Sean. Sean is the publisher of Fine Art America, a premier online site for artists How long have you been in the publishing business? What do you publish? is an online social network and e-commerce marketplace dedicated to the visual arts. I founded the company in 2006. The site provides […]

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