Joan Stratton

Paintings By Joan - Art & Design By Joan P Stratton. I live in the tropical far north, Cape York, Queensland, Australia. My beautiful home and country is the inspiration for my art. I began my working career in Melbourne, as a trainee in graphic art, technical drawings and drafting for a mining and engineering company. With the diversity of work available to me, I gained vast experience with all manner of mediums prior to the advent of computers. In the mid '80s, as a side-line to my permanent employment, I designed and prepared artwork for record covers (Albums, Eps), promotional ads and flyers for rock bands that marketed their music independently. I see myself as a mixed media artist, I love every medium and they all call to me at one time or another. I love to create calms me, completes me and takes me away to colour, brush and creativity. Whether putting that brush to paper, canvas or using a digital brush, my mind is totally captured by the piece I am producing.